Friday, May 9, 2008

Working with Mac

This weeks had been a transition, new home, new work, new projects. All things are a little different, this week finally I got a computer to work and it's a Mac, its name is Broadcast. Many times I had used the Mac, specially from OS X, now I need to use it every day.

The Unix inside is working great, all is simply and pretty, and the best is the 24" screen, larger than my old TV, my software selections are:
  • Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • Multichat: Adium
  • Text edit: jEdit
  • RSS reader: Vienna
  • Seqs Tools: eBioX
  • CHM Reader: Chmox
  • FTP Client: Fetch
  • Screensaver: Tron/RedPill
I miss Linux, but many server and clusters are Linux-based, so I use my Mac to connect with it.

Maybe later I try Xcode to develop some application for Mac.

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