Monday, June 16, 2008

License or not license ...

Last week I saw in a new project wish-list a line which is a common mistake in the understood of Open Source concept:

"All the programs are Open Source and license not required"

Many Open Source programs are free (free as freedom) and not require to buy a license (free as beer), but you already have a license to use it, maybe the author don't need you to license, because you are accepted the license when you download/install/use the code.

Do you always read the license terms? I don't, because I try to use Open Source only.

Software is like sex; it's better when it's free.
Attributed to Torvalds at 1996 FSF conference.


  1. Free as beer? where? sounds fantastic....

  2. Sorry Dude, free as beer is a reference to Open Source.

    But a Free beer exists!.

    Anyway, many IT related consults can be rated in beer exchange.

  3. free to charge beers to anyone asking for IT consults = free beer :P I owe you tons....