Friday, September 26, 2008

Learning in the bus

Today when I was in the bus, a girl close to me was reading, she had a small block of cards, the cards had a hole in one side and a key ring attached together, simple and effective mode to keep the notes, the notes are some chemical formulas, the amino acids charts, one side was the formula, in the reverse of the card was the name, 3 letter abbreviation and the polar class.

Yes, I remember when in college I learned all this information, also I build some molecules with my atomic-kit, to see the structure, and now I just see the ACGT codes, missing the 3D beauty.

Amino Acid Short Abbrev. Side chain Polar pH
Alanine A Ala -CH3 - -
Cysteine C Cys -CH2SH - acidic
Aspartic acid D Asp -CH2COOH X acidic
Glutamic acid E Glu -CH2CH2COOH X acidic
Phenylalanine F Phe -CH2C6H5 - -
Glycine G Gly -H - -
Histidine H His -CH2-C3H3N2 X weak basic
Isoleucine I Ile -CH(CH3)CH2CH3 - -
Lysine K Lys -(CH2)4NH2 X basic
Leucine L Leu -CH2CH(CH3)2 - -
Methionine M Met -CH2CH2SCH3 - -
Asparagine N Asn -CH2CONH2 X -
Pyrrolysine O Pyl

Proline P Pro -CH2CH2CH2- - -
Glutamine Q Gln -CH2CH2CONH2 X -
Arginine R Arg -(CH2)3NH-C(NH)NH2 X strongly basic
Serine S Ser -CH2OH X -
Threonine T Thr -CH(OH)CH3 X weak acidic
Selenocysteine U Sec -CH2SeH - -
Valine V Val -CH(CH3)2 - -
Tryptophan W Trp -CH2C8H6N - -
Tyrosine Y Tyr -CH2-C6H4OH X -

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