Friday, October 3, 2008

More Firefox add-ons

Today I install 2 more add-ons, both are to improve my GMail accounts.

1. Better Gmail 2. This utility modify a little (pimp probably) the normal view and use of Gmail, attachments are symbolic images describing the content, colorize the pointed message and more options are available. An excellent job of Gina Trapani from

2. Gmail S/MIME. Talking about privacy, this add-on allow us to sign and crypt messages, a must-have for every-one, you cannot know who's watching in the upper cloud.


  1. Hey bro
    I still probe google chrome, is fast, my Firefox start to be slow when I included some adds (some of them are great!!)

  2. Chrome is fast because you don't have any plugins, I'm still waiting for a native Chrome for Linux and Mac.