Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perl recursion for oligo creation

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

=head1 NAME


Perl script to generate all possible combinations of size k
using an alphabet @a, we use function recursion.

My intention is to create all possible oligonucleotides (DNA
alphabet or ACGT) but can be extended to any other field
using a different alphabet.

Output also can be printed in other forms, you can put other
delimiters in the push function or in the final array printed.


my ($k) = 4; # definition of the word size
my @a = qw/A C G T/; # definition of the alphabet
my @words = createWords($k, @a);# main function
print join("\n", @words), "\n"; # print output

sub createWords {
my $k = shift @_; $k--;
my @old = @_;
my @new = ();
if ($k < 1) {
return @old;
else {
foreach my $e (@old) {
foreach my $n (@a) {
push @new, "$e$n"; # add new element
createWords($k, @new); # recursion call

=head1 AUTHOR

Juan Caballero @ 2008

=head1 CONTACT

linxe __a__

=head1 LICENSE

Perl Artistic License v2.0


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