Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old computers Dream

I own a little old laptop (it was owned by a very good friend, traded in a perfect time for us). It's a HP pavilion ZT1114, PIII @ 1GHz, only 256 Mb in RAM, no battery, I recently change the HD. The computer is still working well, except for versions of heavy Linux can run but response time is slow.

Long time I used in this machine Mandriva, from 2007 to 2009 releases, changing the default desktop to XFCE to save memory and optimizing the system, also I tried Puppy Linux and other minimalistic Linux distributions. But always I feel something missing, an ultimate Linux distro with fast performance.

Until few weeks I noted the new release of DreamLinux, a Debian based distro with a pretty and fast desktop (XFCE). I had installed last week and after one week of use, I like it!
  1. Everything works well.
  2. The AWN bar looks like MacOS X.
  3. The Debian stability and large collection of packages.
  4. EasyInstall application is really useful.
  5. DCP-Control panel works well.
Of course not everything was perfect:
  • The first time I installed it, the main user account wasn't created with the correct configuration, so I logged as root, created a new user again and used it.
  • This new user, I added manually to sudoers list.
  • Wicd cannot use my WiFi configuration, it never connect to my router, so I wrote a shell script to activate my network.
This kind of problems scares a newbie, I could resolved, but other people just format the machine.

Some screens:


  1. WOW!! I'm glad my former laptop is still usefull for you... 'cause I thought to get rid of it.

    "Saludos desde la tierra de las mujeres puritanas y las tortas ahogadas"

  2. Of course is usefull (its name is Vaná), who thought this laptop cross the ocean, back to Bajio, and then moved to Emerald City!

    I cannot play 3D games or analyze large datasets, but I use it as second laptop, check mail, read news, watch tv-online, ... I think it will be with me some years more.

    "Saludos mi estimado amigo, espero ya tomes más tequila y menos vino"