Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bigger tiny memory

Today I had received my new pendrive, I found it few days ago surfing in tech-news sites. It's amazing how technology decreases the size and increases the performance, for example I compare my old pendrive with the new:

As you see, the old drive is bigger as a finger, and the new one is half of this size, but with 32X more storage capacity and faster. The bad thing is I received it inside a big letter-bubble-envelope for this, I understand package protection but the size of the envelope is ridiculous. The good thing is the price, as much as a movie ticket.

Besides my Dropbox account, some times I need a bigger drive to move my data, I'm not the typical guy with Gigas of music, movies or pictures, when you work with large biological data as genomes, you never have enough space in your drive. Now my workstation is processing 70 Gb in images, I'm using a random sampling inside the images to reduce the computer time.

My kingdom for a personal supercomputer!

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