Thursday, June 7, 2012


Last weeks I have been working in some user interface to make easy some data integration and quick manual annotation for new repeat families.

After spending some time understanding the problem and learning the annotation path, I reach a point to decide which framework do I need to create a simple GUI. I searched for options, like HTML5, QT, C#, even Java, nothing liked me.

I take a look to the old Tk in particular to the binding in Perl. I always wanted to develop something serious using Tk, but never have a nice project.

In a few days, I can build the prototype in a few lines of code, then after some testing and debugging, the GUI was complete in short time.

Perl::Tk development was really easy, the CPAN documentation and some examples from tutorials were enough to build it. The only "but" I can say is the look-and-feel, it looks "old".