Friday, June 6, 2008

New project start

The Institute for Systems Biology will collaborate with the University of Luxembourg to create the Center for Systems Biology Luxembourg. The Center will participate with ISB on two basic research projects designed to provide greater insight into the identification of disease and to enable more effective treatments:

--  ISB Research Project 1: The first project will include completion of a
personalized human genome sequencing map on a minimum of one hundred
subjects and development of new methods for understanding the role of
genetic variations in disease, leading to new insights into diagnosis,
treatment and prevention.

-- ISB Research Project 2: The second project is development of
integrated systems proteomics, RNA and cell analysis methodology and tools
based on ISB's groundbreaking discovery of protein blood "fingerprints" and
single-cell characteristics that can report on the physiological state of
the body's 50 major organs. The research promises to lead to powerful early
diagnostic approaches to not only treat but also predict disease and the
ability to monitor the effects of existing drugs, including both effective
responses or adverse reactions.

ISB's role will be to apply its systems biology approaches and tools to study model organisms such as mice to determine how best to interrogate and analyze human genetic data at the DNA sequence level. New computational and mathematical tools will be developed to facilitate these large-scale genome analyses and to integrate these insights with protein blood fingerprints.


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