Friday, August 8, 2008

I don't use Ubuntu

Many of my linux-friends well know I don't like Ubuntu, yes the "so popular and friendly linux", this week I had some buddy-support for this bad distro, but these people are fascinating using it!

Basic problems include (in order of appearance):
  1. Compile a C code. Why Ubuntu doesn't configure well the dependent libraries for static? I try the code in other Un*x environment and works well, but in Ubuntu I had to delete the static flag and edit the headers in source code.
  2. Execute a CGI script under Apache (I'm not 100% sure of Ubuntu systems but I guess). If the system install a httpd.conf file with basic rules to work, you expect this work, if it doesn't, I don't like to read the manual to fix something when many other distros like Mandriva do perfectly fine the first time.
  3. Install updates and reboot. Sorry for the similitudes, but this is a Windows feature, why do you need to reboot after the installation of updates? I like to update if I consider necessary but I don't update every new kernel or patch not important to security or better features. Besides many updates to fix something is a bad signal of an immature release (Vista-like).
  4. Keyboard identification. Is possible this day to have a distro where you can't configure correctly you keyboard key-distribution? Bad.
  5. Unexpected crash. Why does the sound system freeze a computer? Unexplainable.
So, what is the good part to use it if it returns you 5 years in time?

Please, if you are considering to use Ubuntu as your linux, before try another better Linux as Mandriva, Fedora, OpenSuse or Debian or ask an Ubuntu-fan to avoid the critics.

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