Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PS3 cluster

So do you have some PS3 and you're boring of play and watch Blue-Ray movies?

You must know the PS3 is the most accessible CELL-based machine, why not use this computer problem in other areas beyond entrainment.

In this PS3ClusterGuide you can build step-by-step your own cluster with PS3, the receipt:

1. Take some PS3.
2. Interconnect it in a LAN.
3. Install Fedora PPC in each one.
4. Install cluster utils.
5. Learn to code in CELL-SDK for a better experience and performance.

I accept some PS3 for scientific probes ... really I just want one to play ...


  1. Each PS3 cost $400 usd, yes it has low memory but in some applications you can use the cell cores for better perfomance (depends on algorithms and parallelization).

    For general bioinfo use it's better a typical linux cluster (with multiple cores - 64 bits) for cost/benefit ratio.

    Other part to explore is the OpenCL plataform, to use the GPU as a core.

  2. I would prefer to have one toy play :P

    by the way love the moodded wii

  3. yeah me too ...

    I'm still playing on PC.