Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MS Virus in space

If you missing the BSOD at the Olympic Games, today is another Windows bad point takes the press, a computer virus is found in some laptops in the ISS, specifically the virus known as Gammima.AG.

Apparently the source was a memory flash from a digital camera, infected the laptop and try to infect other computers, obviously NASA filter every transmission with the ISS and the virus is aisled, but the laptop doesn't have an antivirus. The laptops are used to register nutritional data for the astronauts and as personal computer to send email to Earth, nothing special.

NASA is very paranoic in the materials which send to space, no dust or particles are allowed, but they need to start checking the computers and other informatic devices too.

Or maybe is that a revenge from the Aliens from "Indepence Day"? You know, Jeff Goldblum infected them using a custom virus from his Mac.


PD: Today Linux isn't secure also, there are an increase in server attacks, do you remember the Debian problem with random routines for certificates? Some people are using this vulnerability to gain a root shell and owned the system. Be watch Debianist and derivatives (Memphis, Ubuntu, ...).


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